Less stress for better health

We all suffer from stress. As a natural part of the human experience, stress is a subject of high medical interest, especially given the many demands that many faces. One study after another confirms that reducing stress is critical to good health and a positive quality of life.


Here are some of the reasons for this:

Consider stress at the workplace. Researchers have determined that high work pressure and blood pressure can lead to a much greater risk of heart disease and increased risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes.

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High stress can also lead to weight gain if you resort to food to calm you down. When you are stressed, you are more likely to watch too much television, not enough physical activity, use tobacco products, and overlook fruits and vegetables.

Cutwork stress

Stress can come with any job, but you can reduce its effects with these strategies.

Search support

  • Social support- camaraderie with co-workers, networking events, or friendly conversations with clients – can improve your health and well-being at work.
  • If you have trouble managing your stress, check with your employee assistance program (PAE), if your company offers one, or with a certified mental health professional.

Just relax

  • When you are not at work, take time for activities you enjoy, such as sharing moments with your family or reading. Regular vacations can also help prevent job burnout.
  • The simplest way to relax is to breathe deeply and from the abdomen. Concentrating on your breathing can help clear your mind.

Solves problems

  • Directly communicate your concerns to your supervisor.
  • Practice problem-solving skills: identify the issue, brainstorm possible solutions, evaluate them, test with one, and then re-evaluate the situation.

Take healthy breaks

  • Even 10 minutes of personal time during the work day will give you new energy and help you stay motivated.
  • Exercise on work days improves your energy level and your mood.

Get organized

  • Set priorities for your day and organize your time around the biggest of them.
  • Respond to emails and quickly file or discard documents.

 Give your life a break and less stress, so you have more energy and you will be more productive.

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